What’s Your Identity?

Good teams and programs have an identity.  The identity is usually based on what the coach believes in and their teams typically execute that identity consistently season after season.

People may describe a basketball team with a positive identity as “tough”, “defensive minded”, “shoot the three well”.  I always wanted my teams to be known for three things.  Play Hard, Play Defense, Play Together.

Every team and every program have an identity.  The good programs identity is well planned, effective and usually results in consistently winning. 

Programs that do not have a clear identity are easy to spot too.  Their identity is that they have no true identity.  They just exist and often look in disarray.

How about you?  When people see you do they know what you stand for?  How will they describe you?  Every day you are living your identity.  Make sure it is a consistent and positive (winning) identity.

I’m cheering for you.

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Be A Good One

On the basketball court one of the most important things you can be is a good teammate. 

A good teammate

1.  Is an encourager.
2.  Does what is needed for the team by embracing their role.
3. Loves to see teammates have great moments and helps them have them.
4. Does the little things that the average fan does not notice.

An entire team of good teammates make great teams.  Good teammates get rewarded and experience success in the end.

Whatever you do be a good one.

1. Be positive and encouraging.
2. Use your gifts to make the world around you a better place.
3. Be happy when other people experience success and celebrate them.
4. Put others needs above your own needs. 
5. Do the little things that the majority of people will not do.

If you’re a good one, whatever that is, you will be impactful to those around you and you will be blessed as well. 

Be a good one.

I’m cheering for you.

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The Power of One

My first book, The Power of One, is now available on Amazon. 

More is not always better.  When doing more gets in the way of being effective as a person and a leader we need to simplify and redefine who we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there. 

We need “The Power of One”.  

Find strength in each chapter’s sixteen words and use the reflection questions to increase your leadership capacity. 

Don’t just settle in the chase for more.   Simplify and grow. 


The Power of One

My first book, The Power of One, is now available on Amazon. 

More is not always better.  When doing more gets in the way of being effective as a person and a leader we need to simplify and redefine who we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there. 

We need “The Power of One”.  

Find strength in each chapter’s sixteen words and use the reflection questions to increase your leadership capacity. 

Don’t just settle in the chase for more.   Simplify and grow. 


Five Moments Newsletter #59

Five Moments Newsletter #59

Do The Small Things
When Noone Is Looking
Carter and the Cyclones
Lessons of the Blue Crabs
Back on the Bench

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Lost In The Shuffle

A couple of weeks ago an unbelievable snow storm crippled the Buffalo, New York area.  This forced the NFL to move a game originally scheduled for Buffalo to Detroit’s Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions.

On Sunday, November 20 the Bills played the Cleveland Browns in Detroit.  Four days later, the Lions hosted the Bills on Thanksgiving day. 

In a recent press conference Detroit Head Coach Dan Campbell recognized the Ford Field stadium staff – who suddenly had to work 2 games in five days, including on  Thanksgiving day.  His simple message was “sometimes that gets lost in the shuffle.”

Today’s lesson.  Don’t let your people get lost in the shuffle and because of your busyness.  There are people that do a lot of things behind the scenes that people don’t see or even think about.  You know who they are and what they do. 

In the athletic world it’s custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, support staff, and table workers, to name a few.  No matter what job you have and wherever you lead, there are people that do things that people just expect to be done and often take for granted.

Make sure that you do not take them for granted.  Acknowledge them, appreciate them, celebrate them, and help them whenever you can. 

No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people, every single person, ultimately tells all. 

You’re busy.  You have many responsibilities and I understand, appreciate and acknowledge that.  Don’t let others be lost in the shuffle because of that.  Tip of the cap to Dan Campbell for reminding us of that. 

I’m cheering for you.

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Little Things Matter

No matter what sport you play, coach, or are a fan of the road map to success is in the details.  How you do the little things is how you will do everything. 

The first thing legendary UCLA coach John Wooden taught his players was to how to put on their socks properly so they would not bunch up and give a player a blister.  A blister meant pain and not being 100%.

There are no shortcuts to being at your best.   Everything that you do either moves the needle of your potential to the right (toward) or to the left (away). 

No matter what you do pay attention to the details.  The details aren’t always sexy.  The details don’t always get the loudest claps or make a highlight reel.  But here’s what the details get you.

1) Moving toward your full potential.
2) Confidence.
3) Self-Discipline.
4) Winning (still the goal).

Pay attention to the little things.  A majority of people will not.  If you do you’ll be a little bit better today than you were yesterday, and that’s the goal.

I’m cheering for you.

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The Power Of One

We live in a society that emphasizes more being better; more stuff, more money, more power, and more responsibility.

But when does more start to mean we have less? I would argue that more gets in our way when it gets in the way of us being effective as a person and as a leader.

When that happens, we need to simplify and redefine who we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there.

We need “The Power of One.” One word leadership.

The 130 page book features 16 single leadership words, a writing for each word, and personal stories from my 37 years in education, coaching, and as an athletic director. Each chapter concludes with self-reflection questions for the reader or for group discussion as part of a book study.

I am excited to publish my first book and it will be available in the next few days on Amazon. I will share a promo code when it is available for anyone interested in purchasing the book.

Thank You for your support.

Be Blessed.


Same Game, New Lessons

Remember all of the “reunion tours” that your favorite rock bands go on? 

How about the McDonald’s Mcrib making it’s appearance one last time? 

How about Coach Gordon back on the basketball sideline again as an assistant boy’s coach at Greene County? 

All three of those situations above teach you to never say never.  Tonight, my 30th basketball coaching season begins with our opening game. 

I’ve decided to use this season and experience to fuel my daily writings for the next few months. 

Education based athletics has so many lessons to teach us.  Leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship (respect), resilience, to name a few.  I’m sure we will experience them all and then some. 

We’ll see where this journey takes us.  I look forward to sharing thoughts with you linked to a sport and experience that has given so much to me already. 

It’s the same game that will teach me, and hopefully you, some new lessons.  Here is what it has taught me already.

1)  Sometimes there are just some things you should do.  Sure, you can talk yourself out of a lot of things but at the end of the day you know if you should or shouldn’t.  If you should, then do it and figure it out from there.

2)  You never know when you will have a chance to give back.  When a moment is presented to you will you step into it?  I didn’t right away but I’m glad now that I have.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this season has in store. 

I’ll be cheering for you. 

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Thankful For The Growth

Through the trials, the failures, and the successes, comes growth.  When we stop, pause, and reflect we can see how they have all worked together and we can be thankful for the growth that we have been able to experience.

Growth cannot happen when we are comfortable.  Sometimes our comfort zone is stretched and ultimately put behind us through the trials, failures, and even the success.

Be thankful for the things that worked together to get you to where you are today. Then, be thankful for the growth.

Look back today on your yesterday, how you were and where you were, personally and professionally. 

You’ve been through a lot, endured a lot, but you’ve grown through it all.  Through it all and at the end of each day be thankful.

I’m cheering for you.

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Thankful For The Success

Success is a blessing and something to be thankful for. When you have gone through the trials and the failures success becomes even sweeter.

The balance is to not bask in it for too long.  Life is a continuous journey and a road that we must continue to travel. 

“Every success is usually an admission ticket to a new set of decisions.” – Henry Kissinger

Time marches on.  And so must the work that we need to do.

Your planning, hard work and perseverance will lead to success.  Take time to be thankful for it and even celebrate it.  It is OK to do that.  Then move to what’s next.

I’m cheering for you.

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Thankful For The Failures

There are trials that we get through and then there are times that we flat out fail.

Some of the failures are of our own doing and some are out of our control and just happen.

No matter what circumstances cause you to fail it is always an opportunity to grow, to change and to become better because of it.

If we are able to do that then is it really failure?  No.  We can, check that, WE WILL be better because of it and as we look back we can be thankful for it.

“Failure is never fatal. But failure to change can and might be.”
–John Wooden

Don’t fear failure.  It never has to define you.  How you use it and grow from it is what will define you. 

As we grow and become better we will be thankful as well. 

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Thankful For The Trials

Thanksgiving week.  A week to take some time to reflect and rejoice in all that you have and all that you have experienced. 

Let’s also take some time together to look briefly at some things in our leadership and personal journey that can all be used to help us grow and become better.

Today, be thankful for the trials.  They are never fun to go through and deal with but trials are a part of life and can be used to make us stronger, wiser, and better.

I also believe that the trials we go through, as a leader and as a person, are preparing us to help someone else through the same thing down the road.  The trials that we go through can all be used for good if we will let them. 

Learn from your trials and then be alert to the opportunities where your experiences can be used to help someone else through the trials they are going through.

Good times and bad times…All meant for your good and to be used to help someone else.

Be thankful for your trials.

It’s a matter of perspective.

I’m cheering for you.

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It’s About Today!

How many times do you say “maybe tomorrow?” 

On Friday you may say, “that can wait until next week.”

How many times do we say “I’m not ready yet?”

Change that mindset. Today, this Friday, is filled with opportunities that only today will offer.

Be ready and do what needs done today?

This may be the only day you have an opportunity.  You don’t want to say maybe tomorrow, or next week,  then be stuck with “what if?”

“What if?” Is a bad place to be.

Today is about Today! 
This Day! 
This Moment!

Be about it.

I’m cheering for you.

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Never Complain, Never Explain

Benjamin Disraeli served as the Prime Minister of Great Britain and is credited with the quote “Never complain, never explain.”
Who really wants to follow that advice?  Step right up.  But here’s why it makes sense.

Never Complain – the burden of leadership can be heavy.  Decisions, people, change and demands can bear down on us. 

What good does complaining do about it?  Some may say that it just feels good, but does it help to solve the problem?  No, it does not.  Complaining just delays the fact that we need to work on solutions.

Never Explain – Should you be open to discussion?  Yes.  What this means is that there is no time or place for making excuses for your decisions. 

Take responsibility for your decisions, don’t offer constant excuses.  Oftentimes, silence is golden. 

As a leader you have enough to do.  Don’t compound your problems by complaining and over explaining.

I’m cheering for you.

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Should Or Should Not?

Caution: Long Post Alert. 
But the story has to be told too.

This story starts a week ago at a funeral.  As I walked into the church my best friend from high school walked in right behind me.  He was a year older than I was and his wife is in the same class as my wife Deb.

How good of a friend?  We even had t-shirts made for our singing duo as Flash and The Kid.  We joked that those t-shirts would not fit us now.

Anyway, I had not seen him for quite some time so after hugs and some conversation we went on our way into the funeral and through the rest of the day.

How many times do you say “we need to get together” or “let’s stay in touch?”. I’ve said it plenty but have been more determined to follow through lately.

Later in the week we had an opportunity to get tickets to a Saturday show at a music venue in my hometown, which is two hours away.  We took advantage of the tickets and invited my old friend and his wife to join us.  

In addition, the venue is owned by a former classmate of mine who is doing great things revitalizing the downtown of my hometown.  I got to see him, get the grand tour, and also got to visit with another classmate who had lost his wife, who was also a classmate, to cancer recently.  We had a terrific night.

There were many reasons why we shouldn’t have have done that on Saturday night.

*It would be a late night.
*We could try to schedule something else more convenient.
*I will miss the end of the Hawkeye game.
*We needed to get up early for church on Sunday.
*We had another concert (Joe Bonamassa) to go to on Sunday night.
*It would just be easier to stay home.

There were less reasons to go but they were the most important.

**People and the opportunity for a moment, which turn into multiple moments.**

How many times do you think about the many reasons why you shouldn’t, instead of the one or two reasons why you should?

The opportunity for moments come and go and once they are gone they will not return.  I want to encourage you to step into your moments.  Take advantage of them. 

Don’t let the “should not” keep you from the “should.”  Your opportunity should take precedence over other reasons or excuses. 
I certainly did not regret saying “we should.”

I’m cheering for you.

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Focus On What Is Immediately In Front Of You

It is that time of year again here in lowa.  The fields are being cleared by the harvest and the deer are out having a buffet running from field to field.

It is very important to stay focused on the road immediately ahead of you and not be distracted by looking ahead to the bright lights of where you are going because a deer could be right in front of you at any time.

The same can be true of as you go about your day.  You can be so anxious to get something accomplished or reach the end point of a proiect that you could miss something right in front of me.

A conversation with someone in need of
encouragement, a chance to help a friend, an opportunity that only you can see. 

Don’t be so focused on what is in the distance that you miss what may be right in front of you.  It is what is the most important.

I’m cheering for you.

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15 For 50

There are 50 days until 2023. 

Is there something you want to have done/something you want to be better at on 1/1/23?

Are you willing to give 15 minutes a day for 50 days to make it happen?

15 for 50 until 1/1/23.

You want to be better? 
Do the work.



Not Just Any Day

Every Day is special.

Every day is an opportunity.

Every day is new.

Every day is unique.

Every day is a gift.

This is not just any day.  This is a day that will never happen again.  The moments you are about to experience will happen only once.

This is a day that needs you.  You don’t know where, you don’t know how, and you don’t know when but you need to be ready for this once in a lifetime day.

This isn’t just any day.  This could be THE day.  Be ready and enjoy it.

I’m cheering for you.

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Five Moments Newsletter #56

Five Moments Newsletter #56

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Don’t Settle For Leftovers
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Be Someone’s Best Hope
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Don’t Settle For Leftovers

Do you eat leftovers?  Some people do and some people do not.  I eat them.  Some things are just better the second time around.  Chili and meatloaf sandwiches to name a couple. 

While food leftovers can be alright with some foods there is one area where we should not be settling for leftovers.  Our self improvement. 

We are now 53 days until the first day of 2023.  Have you committed to being better at something when January 1, 2023 rolls around?

You may say that you want to be better but what time are you really giving to your own self improvement and development?

Do you give yourself fresh minutes or leftover minutes?  Do you make time at the start of your day or do you just give yourself some leftover time at the end of the day when you are tired and run down from your day? 

You can’t give yourself the best chance of learning and becoming as good as you can be by trying to do it with leftover time.  Every day for 53 days give yourself your best. 

Enjoy your leftover chili but don’t settle for giving yourself the leftover time.

I’m cheering for you.

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It’s Monday! Own It!

Today’s leadership thought will have some the thoughts from a previous post but I feel that it is needed again for some reason. 

Oh yeah.  It’s Monday.  That’s why.

You will hear it today.  People will joke about it but probably are not really joking. 

Monday! Let the comments begin.

Comments about how horrible Monday is like “I can’t believe it’s Monday already”, “I wish we had just one more day for the weekend” or “Mondays Suck!”

(I’m glad my name isn’t Monday).

We have to approach today (Monday) like we should every other day…to win it and to own it.

Have the right mindset today because the people you lead need your attention, help and support today.  They may not be able to wait for you to be ready tomorrow.

Don’t coast.  Attack.  Own it. 
Let’s go to work.

Today Matters!

Monday Matters!

It’s Monday…Own It!

I’m cheering for you.

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Today Is A Gift

We all like presents.  No matter what our age we like receiving gifts.  At least I known that I do. 

I can’t think of a time I have ever watched someone open a present and not be totally engaged in that moment. 

What if we treat today like a gift, and like a present too?  Be thankful for the gift in front of you today.

Be present in the present that is today. 

I’m cheering for you.

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Five Moments Newsletter #55

Five Moments Newsletter #55

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Why Not?

There will be doubt and there will be doubters.  But it cannot be from you.

There will be critics and they will criticize. But they will not be invested like you are.

There will be complaints and there will be complainers.  But they will not bring solutions.

YOU will have faith when doubters doubt.

YOU will believe when critics criticize.

YOU will establish solutions when complainers complain.

YOU will say “Why Not?” when others say “Why?”

YOU are a difference maker.

I’m cheering for you.

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What Do You Want To Be Better At In 2023?

What is it you want to have done when we turn the calendar into 2023?

Who do you want to be when 2023 hits?

Could waiting be too late?

Today, November 1, 2022 we have 61 days until 2023.

What can you do over the course of the next 61 days to get to where you want to be?

What can you do for just 15 minutes each day 61 times to help you get there?

Give 15 minutes a day. It will likely turn into more but make it your goal to give at least 15 minutes per day to a task or toward self improvement.

To get what you want you will have to do what you have not done before.

Small steps done repeatedly over time can accomplish big things.

Start today.  Schedule it.  Stick to it. 

Contact me if you want some help and accountability. 

I’m cheering for you.

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Clear The Path

As a leader you have a lot of responsibilities but one of the most important is that of clearing a path for people to do what they have been hired to do.

We are approaching that time of year in the Midwest where we will need the snowplow to clear the roads of snow so we can get around on the roads and streets.

The snowplow driver will clear the roads but they won’t hop out of the truck and then drive us through the path they have made.

They are just making it easier for us to go where we want to go. They often times anticipate the storm and are out before the storm even comes.

Think of leadership in the same way.

As leaders we should work to remove the big obstacles that may keep our people from being able to do what they are wanting to do. We clear the path and then let them do what they were hired to do and capable of doing.

Be out in front. Anticipate the storms, clear the path and then watch them go.

I’m cheering for you.

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Why Do They Come To You

If you are a leader you have many different conversations throughout the day. Again, let’s clarify that everyone is a leader. Some have a title but we are all leading.

So why will people come and talk to you? Why do they send you an email, a text, or make a phone call to talk?

Is it because of your title? A few of the questions, the surface level questions, may be because of the title, but for the meaningful conversations the answer is a resounding NO.

People don’t reach out to you because of what you do, they will come to you because of who you are.

They will reach out and want to have the meaningful conversations because they know they won’t get what you can give them anywhere else.

Reminder for the day.  It’s not your title or what you do, it’s who you are that matters most to people.

I’m cheering for you.

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Five Moments Newsletter #54

Five Moments Newsletter #54

Success Is Well Planned Failure
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Success Isn’t Linear
Fail Forward
Gail Goodrich

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Small Things Done Over Time

The setting in this picture, the Grand Canyon, is beautiful.  The beauty that you see and exoerience here didn’t just happen overnight.  The same can be true of your leadership impact and influence.

Don’t be discouraged if it feels like your day is not filled with wow moment after wow moment.

The significance of your leadership impact is often built on the little things that you do consistently day in and day out.

The way you greet people, the tone of your voice, the smile on your face.  Things like this pour out of who you really are and matter. Be aware of them and work on them as needed.

All of the little things that are part of your character will add up to make you a leader of impact and influence every day.

I’m cheering for you.

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A Loftier Ambition

I used to always use the “Golden Rule” in my classroom as a starting point for treating others.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Now I believe there is something more. 
“Do for others what they can’t do for themselves.”

You have been given unique talents and gifts so it becomes important for you to use those to lift others up and help them get to places they cannot get to on their own.

I believe that what we give away to others we get back in return and it is returned in abundance.  It is not given for the return but as a heart felt gift.  The return is a bonus.

Whether you have alot to give or just a little you have the ability and the opportunity to help someone do what they can’t do for themselves.  The important thing is that you give.

Lift someone higher today. 

I’m cheering for you.

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Tell Them

Today tell those around you that you appreciate them.  Tell them.  Not in a note, an email or a text but face to face.

If you don’t see them today do it the next time you see them.  If you won’t have a chance to see them, then call them.  Let them hear you say it.

There is so much good we can do with the technology and the ever changing world that we live in, but we can also lose the ability to verbally express our appreciation for the people in our professional and personal life.

I would even go so far as to have a crazy idea that we not just make this a one time thing but make this a part of our daily life. Weave it into the fabric of who we are and how we treat others. 

Don’t fall for the thinking that people “know I care about them”.  People need to hear it.
Tell them.

I’m cheering for you. 
Go cheer on somebody too.

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Right Words At The Right Time

Have you ever found yourself in trouble because you say something too quickly?  Have you ever said something and then wish you hadn’t?  Don’t beat yourself up over it. 

I have, you have, and we know it is very likely that everyone else has too.  The larger question is have you learned from it.  

Sometimes the best thing we can do for someone else is to hold our tongue.  It is easy to want to offer an opinion right away but often times this just escalates a situation and may damage the relationship. 

A healthy relationship is still the first major step to being an effective leader, mentor, and friend.  Keeping it healthy may mean not speaking so quickly. 

Use your two ears to listen intently, think through the ramifications of your response, and  lean on your experience before you offer your opinion or advice.  This exhibits discipline and will bring wisdom. 

19th Century British Journalist George Sala said it this way: 

“We should strive not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”

It is important for you to say the right words, and to say them at the right time. 

I’m cheering for you.

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Five Moments Newsletter #53

Five Moments Newsletter #53

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Six Ways To Be Happy

Not everyone that you interact with today will be happy but let’s not focus on them right now.  Let’s focus on you and helping to make your day a good one and give you a chance at having a happy day.

Here are six ways to a happier day.

1. Meditate – take some time in the quiet to think.  Don’t turn on the outside noise right away.  Control the quiet time to reflect, remember your why and set your priorities.

2. Be Thankful – the quiet can help with this.  You can always find something to be thankful for.  Always.

3. Be Kind – that’s a choice but a choice worth being intentional about because it (the kindness) will come back to you.

4. Take Time For Yourself – it’s not selfish, it’s needed.  You can’t be at your best for others if you don’t take time to take care of you.

5. Stress Less –  sometimes the way to less stress isn’t necessarily more joy but being neutral and controlling what you can control.  Your effort and your attitude.

6. Talk Yourself Up – the most important conversation you have each day is with yourself.  You are wired, by human nature, for negativity.  Speak affirmation and value into yourself.

Be international in how you start and approach your day.  Leaving it to chance is too risky so control these six things today and every day.

I’m cheering for you.

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Let Go – Part 2

We talked yesterday about letting go of what is holding you back. Today I want to encourage you to not do it alone.

You can cause undue mental anguish if you think you have to do it all on our own.  If you need help getting rid of some baggage seek out a trusted friend to help talk and walk you through it.

Get someone to help hold you accountable. We often times need someone to come along side of us to help lighten the load.

On the flip side be available to be the person someone may need to walk with them. Maybe your calling for a few days or weeks, maybe even for just a moment, is to be that trusted friend to help someone let go of what is holding them back.

Let’s not allow ourself or those we lead and care for to walk alone.  We will all be in a better place if we do this together.

I’m cheering for you.

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Let Go!

Are there some things that you need let go of?

We have a tendency to hang on to things that keep us from really moving forward. They weigh us down.

Habits and routines can be good but if they keep you from growing and stepping outside of the box and being creative then they are holding you back.  You were born to create.

Feel stuck? 

Let go of your comfort zone and embrace the opportunity that a fresh way of thinking or doing something new can bring.

It won’t be a quick fix. It will take hard work and consistent effort daily to make the positive change that you are seeking.  But it will be worth it. 

Whatever you may need to let go of I would encourage you to begin the process of doing it.  Day by day, moment by moment and you will start moving toward better.

I’m cheering for you.

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But What If?

I would like to finish the week with a brief thought connected to Tuesday (On The Other Side Of The Storm Is The Sunshine) and Wednesday (In And Out Of The Light) posts.

Sometimes it feels like the storm will not go away and the darkness never gives way to the light, which can lead you to wonder if you will ever see the sunshine or the light.

But what if the storm clouds stay?

Keep the faith.
–keep the faith that the storms will eventually pass and the sunshine will be more radiant than you can even remember. 

But what if we can’t seem to walk into the light?

Don’t stop.  Keep moving.
–If you stop and you don’t keep moving you will never get out of the darkness.  Slow progress is better than no progress.  Keep moving.

It’s natural to question, to doubt, and to wonder if you will ever see the sunshine and the light again. 

I believe that you will but you must have faith and keep moving even if it stays dark and stormy.  It is more important that your believe that and tell yourself that.

Finally, when the sun breaks through, when the light shines on you, all of the storms and all of the darkness that you’ve gone through will have prepared you for that moment.

Your “what If” will turn into a distant memory because you had faith and didn’t stop.

I’m cheering for you.

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Five Moments Newsletter #52

Five Moments Newsletter #52

Jarrin From #1
15 Minutes for 80 Days
Be Approachable
Visit With a Friend

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In And Out Of The Light

I took this photo yesterday on my morning walk.  It was 6:15 AM and was actually much darker than the photo makes it appear.

As I looked down the street and saw the patches of dark and light it reminded me of the journey of our lives and also parallels with yesterday’s post.

There are times you will be walking in light and other times you will walk through some darkness. 

You should know and remember that the light is going to come again.  You won’t be in the dark forever unless you stop. 

If you are in a dark patch right now some light is coming and it may be closer than you can imagine right now.

Don’t stop.  Keep moving.

Look at the far end of the picture.  Do you notice what you see in the distance?  The last thing you can see?  Light.  Light always comes after the darkness.

The other thing I like about this picture is a thought in perspective.  There are more light patches than dark patches.  Keep your eyes on your blessings.  They outnumber your troubles.

Don’t stop.  Keep moving.

I’m cheering for you.

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The Other Side

We are never guaranteed everything will be easy on our leadership or life journey.

There will be challenges, setbacks and disappointments but they will only serve to make you stronger and better.

Keep your eyes on the big picture, the master plan and you will get through the storm to see a brighter day.

This storm is only temporary. 

It will clear and when it does the sunshine will be beautiful and you will be basking in it.

I’m cheering for you.

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Turn The Page

Do you like to read? Do you like to dig into a good book. I hope so because leaders are readers.

Great writers have a way of drawing you into their story. Some pages are sad, some are happy and some are exciting. The writer has a way of making you turn the page to experience what’s next.

If you never turn the page you will never know what the next page has in store. If you never turn the page you will never get to the next chapter.

Your life is like a book.

You have had happy times and you have had sad times.

You have had exciting times and you have had times that have been nothing but a grind.

Happy, sad, exciting or a grind. If you never turn the page to the next moment, the next day you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you.

You have to turn the page. Move on and be aware of and engaged in your moments. You won’t be aware or effective if you stay stuck on the same page.

Turn the page.

I’m cheering for you.

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Choose Wisely

One of the quotes I remember from the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie comes from a Knight in a cave after Indiana Jones drinks from the chalice that gives eternal life.  (Now that would be a nervous moment.)

After Indiana nervously sips the Knight says “You have chosen wisely”.

We don’t have a wise knight to tell us that each day but it is a good reminder to take some time before making important decisions.

Tips to making wise decisions:

1) Be patient
2) Stay calm
3) Consult trusted friends
4) Examine the situation and the long term ramifications of some of the decisions we have to make.
5) Take responsibility for your decision.

The decisions we make will not only affect us personally but those that we work with, lead, and serve.

Choose Wisely!

I’m cheering for you.

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Five Moments Newsletter #51

Improve Your View
Perspective and 30,000 Feet
JJ McCarthy and The Wave
Days Until 2023
IHSADA District Meetings

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Born For More

Are you settling for whatever comes your way?

Are you letting what happens to you dictate your attitude and the direction of your life?

Don’t settle! You were born for more. If you have a genuine desire to do something that could positively impact others then find a way to do it.

Commit to pursuing your passion and fully using the talents and gifts that you have been given.

You may need to start small, but start. Don’t worry about having everything figured out. It will work itself out.

The world needs more dreamers and doers.

Think you have more to give?
Me too.

Let’s go.

I’m cheering for you.

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Many dreams don’t make it out of the “thinking about it” stage.


We tell ourself:

It’s too risky.
It’s not the right time.
It will be uncomfortable.
I probably couldn’t do it anyway.
It’s not the right time.
I’m too old to dream.
I don’t have enough experience.

Excuses derail more dreams than the consequences of the dreams.

If you dream about it, if you’re willing to put work into your dreams then you have a chance of living life on your terms.

There are no guarantees except that if you don’t dream and if you fill your life with excuses then you will have no chance of doing anything but watching others have their dreams come true.

Don’t be a spectator to other people’s dreams. Have your own dreams, have a plan and then work the plan toward your dreams, but it all starts with your dream.

I’m cheering for you.

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Guess Who?

Remember playing guessing games like charades, Pictionary (I’m a terrible artist) or any of the other games that involved guessing?

Guessing is usually never a real great thing to do unless you are playing some sort of game.  But there are a few things that are fairly easy to answer if we asked guess who.

Guess who is responsible for their own attitude?


Guess who controls their own effort?


Guess who determines how they will approach each day?


You get the picture. There is at least one person we are responsible for and need to focus on improving each and every day.

Guess Who?


I’m cheering for you.

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Power Of Small Things

Don’t be discouraged if it feels like your week or today is not filled with wow moment after wow moment. 

The significance of your leadership impact is built more on the little things that you do consistently day in and day out.

The small things include the way you greet people, the tone of your voice, the smile on your face, and your reaction to adversity to name a few. 

Things like this pour out of who you really are and matter.  Be aware of them and work on them as needed.

All of the little things that are part of your consistent and true character will add up to make you a leader of influence every day.

There is power in the small things. 

I’m cheering for you.

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Five Moments Newsletter #50

Five Moments Newsletter #50

Take The Time
Handle Hard Well
Best Thing We Do
Listen Aggressively
Manning Memories

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