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The name of this site tells you what I believe.  That we are all Made for Moments.  Not random moments, but moments that are divine in nature and we are there to make an impact.  There are no accidents if you carry the title of leader, and we all do.  Every moment and interaction is an opportunity for us to impact those around us.  Even if it is just one person, that moment and interaction may be just what they needed to make it through their day.  Helping others through their moments be the most important thing you do each day.  Be in your moments and be a blessing.

I’ve just released my first book, “The Power Of One, One Word Leadership – 16 Words To Being A Better Leader”  Go to my “Other Projects” page to learn more and to purchase the book.  

Take some time to explore the blog and feel free to get in touch with me to let me know if there is any way that I can help you, collaborate with you or speak with you or your organization.

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