Clear The Path

As a leader you have a lot of responsibilities but one of the most important is that of clearing a path for people to do what they have been hired to do.

We are approaching that time of year in the Midwest where we will need the snowplow to clear the roads of snow so we can get around on the roads and streets.

The snowplow driver will clear the roads but they won’t hop out of the truck and then drive us through the path they have made.

They are just making it easier for us to go where we want to go. They often times anticipate the storm and are out before the storm even comes.

Think of leadership in the same way.

As leaders we should work to remove the big obstacles that may keep our people from being able to do what they are wanting to do. We clear the path and then let them do what they were hired to do and capable of doing.

Be out in front. Anticipate the storms, clear the path and then watch them go.

I’m cheering for you.

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Published by toddagordon

Currently in his 37th year in the education field. Currently the District Activities Director at Greene County Community Schools in Jefferson, Iowa. Celebrating 37 years of marriage with Deb. Deb works remotely as the Assistant Controller for Treynor (IA) State Bank. We have 3 kids, two son in laws, a daughter in law, two wonderful grandsons, Jonathan and Parker, and three lovely granddaughters, Mia, Madison and Faye. Nicole and Brett are parents to Jonathan and Madison, and are working in ministry in Urbandale, IA. AJ and Regan live in Waukee, IA. A.J. currently works for Thrivent after a few years coaching college basketball including winning a National Championship as an Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Graceland University. Regan is a Kindergarten teacher with the Des Moines Public Schools at Hubbell Elementary School. Abby and Anthony are parents to Parker and Mia and they outside of Ogden, IA. Abby works as a Physical Therapy Assistant and Anthony works for a landscaping company.

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