Be A Good Rider

Last spring, we spent Spring Break in Arizona.  One of the day trips we took was to the Grand Canyon and my brother-in-law drove.  I normally do all the driving, enjoy driving and like being in control in that situation.  That day, I was a rider.  It was difficult but here are three lessons I took away from the experience. 

1.  RELAX – Sometimes we’re not going to be in control of a project or situation.  The adage “Control What You Can Control” applies to every situation.  Every single situation.  I wasn’t going to change the fact that I was not driving.  I decided to relax and enjoy the ride.

2.  DON’T MICROMANAGE – Nobody likes backseat drivers or riders seat drivers.    Letting people do what they are supposed to do is difficult sometimes, but we need to let it happen.  It may not be how we would do it, but we need to accept that.  We also may find there is a better or different way to get to where we are going that is different than what we had even thought about.

3.  ENJOY THE OPPORTUNITY – Not driving allowed me to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the drive (ride), think in a different way (in a different seat) and not be so locked into the responsibility of driving.  So, you’re not driving or in charge.  Enjoy a different role and find ways to make it useful for you and everyone involved. 

You may not always have to or be able to drive or be in charge.  Find ways to be a good right hand man or woman and contribute to the experience.  You may find it to be quite enjoyable too.

Be a good rider.

I’m cheering for you. 

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Published by toddagordon

Currently in his 37th year in the education field. Currently the District Activities Director at Greene County Community Schools in Jefferson, Iowa. Celebrating 37 years of marriage with Deb. Deb works remotely as the Assistant Controller for Treynor (IA) State Bank. We have 3 kids, two son in laws, a daughter in law, two wonderful grandsons, Jonathan and Parker, and three lovely granddaughters, Mia, Madison and Faye. Nicole and Brett are parents to Jonathan and Madison, and are working in ministry in Urbandale, IA. AJ and Regan live in Waukee, IA. A.J. currently works for Thrivent after a few years coaching college basketball including winning a National Championship as an Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Graceland University. Regan is a Kindergarten teacher with the Des Moines Public Schools at Hubbell Elementary School. Abby and Anthony are parents to Parker and Mia and they outside of Ogden, IA. Abby works as a Physical Therapy Assistant and Anthony works for a landscaping company.

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