Enough Is Enough

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Have you ever lived in a society that seems really messed up? Have you ever been asked a very obvious question that is very simple to answer?

If you answered “yes” and “yes” then you have given two very obvious answers and I think you may have the right answer to both questions.

What we are experiencing right now, in our lifetime, is something that I have a hard time explaining. The emotions and actions that are displayed in pubic and on social media are disturbing to say the least.

Arrogance, greed, lying, hatred, contempt…the list goes on and on. What we are experiencing is disheartening, troubling and out of control. OK, that’s probably enough talking about the negativity. Will you stay with me to talk about some potential solutions?

How do we lead ourselves and our corner of the world right now? Today!

1. Control What You Can Control

As a leader and a human being you have control over your attitude, your effort and your response to what goes on around you. You cannot control other people’s attitudes, talking points and reactions. Reacting with hurtful and unkind words does not deescalate, it escalates. So control what you can control. Let the other stuff go. It’s OK and healthy to talk about issues but don’t become so obsessed with it that it clouds your vision and the way you interact with people on a daily basis.

We also control what we consume through reading, on TV and on social media. Be careful what you consume because what goes into your mind works its way to your heart and eventually shows up in action and deed.

2. Know Your Purpose – Live Your Purpose

A couple of week’s ago in my weekly Five Moments Newsletter I talked about the importance of knowing your Why, your Purpose and how to go about discovering and writing it. You can check out that newsletter here and then go to the “Moments to Be Better” section.

Chaos is all around us. As leaders we must know our greater purpose or the chaos will suck us in and it will eventually win. Your leadership and the value that you bring to others is too valuable to be treated haphazardly. Know Your Purpose.

If you need help discovering it, writing it, or just want to talk about it please contact me. I don’t want you to try to lead or live without you knowing what yours is.

3. Have Faith and Show Grace

Have faith that the work that you do matters and adds value to those that you do it with and for. I believe that if we show up on purpose and with a purpose that effort will not be wasted. William James said “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” I have this plaque in my office. It is a great reminder to have faith in what you do.

Finally, Show Grace. The Bible defines grace as generous, free, totally unexpected and undeserved. Our world. You know that world we talked about in the first few paragraphs? That world would be a better place if others would show grace. (I think we could use some more Bible too. )

But wait, what about #1 above? How about I show grace in my world and to those around me? I can control that. Will you join me in offering grace to those around us and who we interact with? Influence your corner of the world and I’ll do my best to influence mine. Who knows, if enough corners start touching each other maybe we can influence a larger segment of society. But for now make a difference in the world you are a part of and responsible for.

Enough is enough. It’s time for change. It has to start with you and me and in the respective worlds that we have some influence over.

Thanks for reading.

Be Blessed!


Published by toddagordon

Currently in his 37th year in the education field. Currently the District Activities Director at Greene County Community Schools in Jefferson, Iowa. Celebrating 37 years of marriage with Deb. Deb works remotely as the Assistant Controller for Treynor (IA) State Bank. We have 3 kids, two son in laws, a daughter in law, two wonderful grandsons, Jonathan and Parker, and three lovely granddaughters, Mia, Madison and Faye. Nicole and Brett are parents to Jonathan and Madison, and are working in ministry in Urbandale, IA. AJ and Regan live in Waukee, IA. A.J. currently works for Thrivent after a few years coaching college basketball including winning a National Championship as an Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Graceland University. Regan is a Kindergarten teacher with the Des Moines Public Schools at Hubbell Elementary School. Abby and Anthony are parents to Parker and Mia and they outside of Ogden, IA. Abby works as a Physical Therapy Assistant and Anthony works for a landscaping company.

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